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Traveling outside your country of citizenship for leisure or business may expose you to emergencies not addressed by your domestic medical insurance. Geographical exclusions and provider limitations common to these policies may restrict, or even eliminate, the coverage available. If you are a student, planning on traveling to pursue your education outside your home country, health insurance is a necessity. Most student visas and learning institutions require visiting foreign students to be covered by a comprehensive health plan before entering the country. Through a special arrangement with Lloyds, 4TravelInsure offers international coverage including: comprehensive medical benefits, travel assistance, emergency medical evacuation, acts of terrorism, lost baggage, and much, much more… all at affordable rates!

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Planning A Trip or Vacation?

Taking a few minutes to purchase a travel insurance policy may be the best few minutes you’ve spent. Whether you’re looking for coverage to pay the costs of hotel reservations and other expenses related to a missed flight, or ship departure or medical expense coverage to protect you from the high cost of overseas medical treatment and hospitalization, a travel insurance policy can significantly decrease your stress and risk. Most medical coverage stops at the your countries border. Ours starts there. 4travelinsure offers comprehensive medical coverage and travel assistance tailored to meet your needs at very affordable rates. Don’t overlook this coverage when planning your trip.

Reasons Travel Insurance Is Important:


Cancelled flight, how are you going to get home?


Lost luggage with important medications inside


Your passport and wallet are lost or stolen


You're involved in an accident and need help


Terrorist activity at your destination and you want to cancel


Natural disaster strikes and you need to evacuate

Travel Insurance Tips & Advice


Lot's Of Options

There are many types of travel insurance plans, so it’s important to determine whats important to you.  Lost baggage, evacuation, medical, or trip cancellation are just a few.

You Don't Need Everything

A good tip is to insure what you can’t afford to lose.  Losing your wallet with pocket change in it may not call for insurance, but what about that expensive European trip you’ve been planning and saving for?

Don't Rely Entirely On Your Premium Rewards Credit Card

It’s a good idea to research what is covered with your credit and rewards card provider.  Some may only cover limited baggage, accident and rental car insurance – but some also don’t cover medical expenses.

Health Insurance Should Be Covered

Sometimes when traveling abroad, some providers including Medicare doesn’t cover you when traveling abroad.  It’s important to do your research before you select the right insurance provider.

Look In The Mirror

Are you healthy?  Young or getting a little older?  Your own personal health should factor into your decision in selecting the best insurance plan and coverage for you, and your age may affect the premium.

Check Your Existing Insurance

You’ll be surprised to learn sometimes you already have some form of travel insurance. Call your insurance provider and rewards card providers to see what is covered when traveling.  Even check your homeowner’s policy!

Compare Insurance Costs

It’s always a good idea to compare estimates when making a decision on insurance provider.  Selecting the cheapest provider can backfire on you and your family when you need help.

When To Get Travel Insurance

Some insurance providers allow you to purchase just days prior to the trip, but what if a natural disaster strikes a week or two prior and you booked your trip months ago?  You should weigh the pros and cons on when you should purchase your coverage.

Take Notes and Keep Records!

If you are ever to get into a situation where you need that travel insurance you just purchase, take notes.  Lots of notes!  Receipts for hotels, food and other expenses are extremely important to collect to make sure your claim is settled quickly.
Traveling insured is a good feeling.  A secure feeling.

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