To make your trip more enjoyable, we’ve selected a few valuable websites that should prove helpful to both leisure and business travelers.
International Travel Services…
Worldwide coverage for Medical Insurance, Travel Assistance, Emergency Medical Evacuation, and Acts of Terrorism. All the information you need to arrange your next international trip, whether you are planning an exciting vacation or an important business trip.

Information on the location and services offered by U.S.embassies throughout the world may be obtained @

Passport and Visa assistance is offered by, a non-U.S. government website. This site is particularly helpful if you need a passport quickly.

Travel Statistics
  • Nearly Half of Americans More Concerned About Traveling... 48% 48%
  • One in six Americans say their travel plans have been impacted... 17% 17%
  • Survey Finds those whose travel plans were impacted had travel insurance 30% 30%
Statistics provided by UStiA

Travel Insurance

Short-term health insurance for individuals traveling outside their home country.

Group Travel

Short-term international health Insurance for 5 or more traveling abroad.

MultiTrip Travel

International health coverage for individuals taking multiple trips throughout the year.

Student Secure

Worldwide health coverage for students pursuing their education abroad.

Helpful Travel Resources

Closest ATM Machine

Find an ATM machine close by. Directions to machines in over 170 countries.

Airline Toll Free Numbers and Sites

Numbers and Websites Air travel access all in one place.

All Inclusive Vacation Deals

Travel packages to Europe, Central and South America, Asia, Caribbean, Jamaica , Mexico and Hawaii.

Countries Around the World

A great resource for the history, government, culture, customs, food and maps of world countries.

World's Best Subway Maps

Subway maps and route finder for city subways throughout the world.

London Theater Tickets

What’s playing? Ticket sales plus hotel and dinner packages.

New York Theater Tickets

What’s playing? Ticket sales plus hotel and dinner packages.

Famous Cities of The World

Over 6,000 city images from the American Geographical Society.

Find a Hostel

Directory of hostels worldwide, FAQs, budget guidebooks, and backpacker’s bulletin board.

Travel Articles

Advantages of Staying in a Private Villa in Bali

For less than the cost of staying at a good hotel in Bali you can now enjoy the luxury of a beautiful private Bali villa with air-conditioned bedrooms and tropical bathrooms to dream about, spacious living and dining areas and spacious terraces, a lush tropical garden with your own private swimming pool, and well-trained butler to take care of everything around the clock.

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